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Tips On Crate Training Your Puppy

Using a crate is an effective way to train and manage your pet. Crates are not just useful in providing your pet with shelter in your home or when you travel, it’s a very common and safe technique to house train your pet while it adjust to the rules of the house.

Troubles Getting Your Dog Walking On a Leash? Here's What To Do!

Your pooch may be an adorable angel in every other way, but if proper behavior on-leash is not part of his repertoire, pleasant walks in the park and other outings may be out of the question. Walking on-leash is an integral part of your dog's training.

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Animal Aid "By Air and By Land" Puppy Caravan!

Pets Plus has teamed up with Animal Aid – a nonprofit organization composed of all volunteers aiming to help animals!  Animal Aid travels from New Jersey to Georgia, and back again, rescuing puppies and dogs that come from high-kill shelters in Georgia.  The rescued animals then find their way to our Pets Plus Natural Adoption Centers, and then find their forever homes shortly after.  To find out more about Animal Aid, please visit:   AnimalAidUSA.org.