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3/07 through 12/19/2015

PSPCA Vaccine Clinics

Community Event

The PSPCA will be in our stores doing Vaccine Clinics on the dates below! 

First Saturday of the Month

  • Roosevelt Blvd. 10-11am
  • Conshohocken 12:30-1:30m
  • East Norriton 2:30-3:330pm 

Second Sunday of the Month

  • Delran, NJ 10:30-11:30am

Third Saturday of the Month

  • Lansdale 10-12pm


Core Vaccines (Distemper and/or Rabies) – $30 for one or both

  • Distemper vaccines prevent multiple deadly viruses, including parvo virus, and are a necessity for every dog and cat. We recommended you begin vaccinating your puppy or kitten as early as six (6) weeks and no later than eight (8) weeks of age. Puppies and kittens require a series of vaccines to achieve full immunity.
  • Rabies vaccines are required by law.

Non-Core Vaccines  - $30 each

  • Bordetella – Dogs only, generally required for boarding and grooming.
  • Influenza – Dogs only, sometimes required for boarding and grooming.
  • Lyme – Dogs only, recommended for dogs exposed to ticks.
  • Deworming – $10
    *Oral dewormer is used to eliminate hookworms and roundworms and is recommended to be repeated two to three weeks after the initial dose . Depending on your pet’s needs, other antiparasitics are available at an additional cost.

Microchip – $15

  • Microchipping is a permanent means of identification for your pet. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is encoded with a number. That number is registered to the pet owner for a minimal fee. The chip is easily inserted under your pet’s skin with little or no discomfort. By microchipping your pet, you greatly increase you chance of having him or her returned to you if lost.
Pets Plus of Philadelphia - 215-673-5400
Community Event

Tour for Life 2015 stops here!

North Shore Animal League America & Pennsylvania SPCA host the world's largest cooperative life-saving movile adoption event at our Philadelphia location! Save a life today and adopt a new best friend!