This is why Pets Plus Natural is 100% committed to sourcing all of our treats from reputable US-based manufacturers.  We don’t stock or sell “Made In China” treats because our pets are part of our families too.  Shop with confidence at our stores and please keep these people who lost their beloved pets in your thoughts and prayers.

A popular pet treat is being blamed for deaths of more than 1,000 dogs but an Action News Investigation has found that some of these treats were on still on the shelves in spite of an FDA warning about possible dangers.

Then just a few miles down the road and one month later, Tammy Marshall says she fed her 10-year-old Chihuahua Gidget two Authority brand chicken jerky treats that were made in Thailand.

“She’s in here and she’s wagging her little tail and I opened the treats and I gave her one. She came running back around and I gave her that second treat and that was the last thing she ate,” said Marshall.

The owner of a German Shepard named Maggie from Alberta, Canada also says her dog got seriously ill after eating Authority treats in December, but fortunately did not die.

Both Marshall and Popolizio say they complained to PetSmart. However when we went undercover, we found that the chicken jerky treats from Thailand were still stocked on store shelves across our area – in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.